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Circle K Express Mccarthys Fermoy

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December 10, 2023 at 11:07 PM

Please update ALL your store times. You do not open 24 hours. You say you open till 10pm but you generally are closed by 9:50pm

November 22, 2023 at 08:42 PM

Good service, some random freebies, competitive prices.

October 22, 2023 at 09:01 PM

Please update the times as you are not open 24 hours. Sunday at 21.45pm everything closed and the cashier inside the drugstore with the curtains down, avoiding eye contact.

June 21, 2023 at 05:53 PM

I paid my toll on this station a couple of weeks ago and I received a penalty notice as if I wouldn't have paid it. The person at the till had no clue of how to insert it on the system then the supervisor/manager came over and had to insert it a few times. This is unacceptable!!! I am trying to reach out and they wouldn't even pick up the phone. Stay away from them!

June 6, 2023 at 02:10 AM

The staff are really really friendly and sound so I’ll give it 3 stars, in this garage things are far far over priced even for Dublin prices, the food isn’t very nice, it has a good icecream stand, the drinks are good and cold, the garage is closed from 9.45pm or 10pm some nights so they need to update the opening hours!

May 3, 2023 at 02:32 PM

Drinks in fridge nice and cold on a sunny day

March 16, 2023 at 10:32 AM

Yo-yo fuel prices always waaay over the national average

February 11, 2023 at 04:40 AM

Don't bother buy any lunch or beverage here it's way over priced even by Dublin prices, the staff are very helpful and wonderful, that's why the 3 Stars

December 9, 2022 at 07:46 PM

Gourmet slushies

September 16, 2022 at 10:55 PM

Ah here! Drove all the way over at 11pm and it was closed. So annoying lads. Don't advertise as being open if you're not. Be sound and just update your Google listing Cirkle K. The last person's comment was about the same issue a year ago. Get the finger out!

July 27, 2022 at 10:19 PM

Not 24 hours!

May 19, 2022 at 07:05 PM

Benzinska postaja, trgovina, kafić, peciva sve na jednom mjestu

January 12, 2022 at 11:30 PM

Not 24hrs

December 25, 2021 at 01:49 PM

Christmas Day 2021 about 1.45pm: 2 male staff members behind the counter. Neither wearing masks during the highest rate of infection in Ireland since the pandemic began.

September 28, 2021 at 09:04 PM

Not 24 hour

August 27, 2021 at 10:10 PM

Used to go here all the time between 1-4am to get energy drinks. Only 24 hour place around for ages but seems to have standard opening times now. Hopefully goes back to 24 hours when college starts again.

June 23, 2021 at 10:24 PM

Please sort out your times listed. I thought "great, open 24hrs" just to drive down at 11pm ahead of an early morning trip and it was completely closed. Definitely not 24hr.

March 30, 2020 at 12:29 AM

Amazing gas station great selection of snack and treats plus there is Frosters I LOVE Frosters but I wish there were more flavours

September 14, 2016 at 06:56 AM

It's a gas station. Water and air need a coin to get the hoses free, but don't cost money and they usually work. That's always a plus!

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